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ALTIUS Provides Turnkey Emergency Service

It was anything but an ordinary day when ITT Advanced Engineering & Sciences, a world power in engineering and manufacturing, contacted ALTIUS for a "fast" solution. ITT AES needed to establish connectivity between four buildings on their Reston, Va. corporate campus in a short period of time. The challenge for ALTUS was to provide a solution within a single workweek. In order to connect the local area networks between the four buildings and eliminate interference issues, ALTIUS installed 54 Mbps SnapLink radios in the 24 GHz un-licensed band.

"The quick turn-around required ALTIUS to quickly assess ITT's needs and propose a solution that could be deployed within the week," said Mason Ray, Sales Engineer and Project Manager with ALTIUS. "We selected SnapLink and had the equipment in our lab for testing the next day."

"ALTIUS Communications has been very responsive to us in providing products and services to implement reliable microwave communication links on a very tight schedule," said Ray Duke, IT Director at ITT Advanced Engineering & Sciences. "The SnapLink products that ALTIUS deployed for us have proven to be a very solid solution for our line of sight applications."

The SnapLink solution installed for ITT provides a secure, interference free, high speed point to point link up to 5 miles in the un-licensed 24 GHz band. ALTIUS provided full turn-key professional services including complete installation and testing.

For commercial applications of wireless radios, especially in a point to point configuration, the use of 24 GHz can offer interference free and secure operations. Systems at 2.4 and 5 GHz can also be quite good but suffer the problems of too many systems in the same space (frequency) and are too easily and cheaply intercepted. ALTIUS is offering the complete SnapLink™ system for $6,995.00. We are taking orders and shipping today!

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