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Motorola Canopy Begins Shipment of 5.4 GHz Product in the US & Canada

With the recent Federal Communications Commission and Industry Canada approvals to operate in the 5.4 GHz spectrum, Motorola is now offering its Fixed Point-to-Multipoint solution at 5.4 GHz for sale immediately.

The Canopy 5.4 GHz unlicensed product provides an exciting Greenfield application for the US and Canadian markets. The 5.4 GHz product is a proven solution, and is already available in some markets outside of US. One of the main benefits of this product is that it allows network operators almost double the amount of spectrum. Because the 5.4 GHz spectrum provides 255 MHz of bandwidth (125 MHz more than in the 5.7 GHz band), the added bandwidth gives more channels in which to co-locate multiple radios on a single rooftop or tower without interference. This means two times as many Canopy 5.4 GHz AP's can be deployed at a tower location therefore doubling throughput. For many network operators that are trying to offer higher tier broadband services to support services like, data transfer, video, VoIP, and gaming, this product delivers the necessary bandwidth. Additionally, the 5.4 GHz product ships standard with 8.2 software which provides Dynamic Frequency Selection (DFS) compliance. This feature is important for 5 GHz customers in the US, Canada, and other regions like Europe, and Brazil. This feature enables the Canopy systems to vacate the frequency on detection of military radar operating in the 5 GHz frequency band. This also specifies a 30 minute shutdown of that frequency and allows radios to switch to an open frequency to resume operation.

Service providers need to deliver reliable, high-quality broadband service at a low investment to succeed in today's competitive marketplace. Motorola's Canopy' 5.4 GHz system is a fixed solution that is part of the MOTOwi4 suite of products. Motorola's wi4 Fixed solutions provide cost-effective, reliable, scalable wireless broadband access designed for the outdoor environment that supports a variety of complementary and extension applications in the unlicensed/managed spectrums. Motorola's Canopy solution provides service providers and enterprise network operators a robust wireless broadband portfolio of products to deliver proven cost-effective, secure, carrier-grade broadband access exactly when and where it is needed. Please contact your ALTIUS sales representative for pricing and delivery information.

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