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Our Mission - An ALTIUS Website as Efficient at Delivering Information as Our Products

Simple and effective isn't always easy to achieve in a website, as you undoubtedly know if you use the internet. For our new website, we turned to dystrick design, a best-of-breed, Silicon Valley design firm that has worked with new companies as well as established firms such as HP, Cisco, and McDonalds'.

ALTIUS has grown and evolved to match the needs of the fast-changing broadband wireless industry, and the website reflects our status in the industry and the service we deliver our clients, as expert "navigators" of wireless technology options and solutions. Our relationships with our customers and our technology partners allow us to listen, observe, and convey information about real customer needs and experiences to those developing the technologies to meet them. Our approach has helped us succeed in guiding the direction of technology development to the great benefit of our customers.

Our new website is part of that relationship between our customers and our partners. We describe the products and technologies in clear but not "dumbed down" language, so that visitors can make clear distinctions. We are clear about who provides our technologies and how they differ. And we make it easy for you to contact us and leverage our expertise in your decisions. We hope the website proves to be an efficient tool for you to work with us to meet your wireless needs.

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