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With powerful commercial validation of its patented Smart Antenna technology that delivers zero-install, non-line-of-sight, portable broadband, Navini is demonstrating the viability, economic advantage, and performance success of the mobile WiMAX vision.

To realize the promise of the mobile WiMAX vision, service providers need the ability to deliver service without direct line of site and the ability to have their customers install their own modems easily. Navini delivers on this promise, and much more. Navini's zero-install solution solves power/reach and non-line-of-site challenges while delivering significantly lower total cost of ownership (TCO) than DSL, cable, and other alternatives. Its complete portable/mobile broadband access infrastructure portfolio comprises powerful base stations and antenna systems; small, lightweight modems in desktop and PCMCIA form factors; and a robust element management system.

Navini's adaptive phased-array antenna technology helps solve the fundamental "power problem"—the inability to deliver the power require to go through glass and walls while delivering broadband data rates. Navini's solution—unlike first-generation fixed wireless options - delivers portable/mobile broadband capability without the need to install anything at the customer premise.

Navini's recently announced Ripwave-MX product line includes the industry's first dual-mode CPE and PCMCIA card, a capability that "future proofs" service provider investments. Dual-mode means the capability of switching between the current pre-WiMAX mode and 802.16e mode. Navini's Ripwave products also run in unlicensed and licensed spectrum bands, so you can deploy the most advanced wide-area wireless broadband solution available on the market, regardless whether you hold spectrum licenses or not.

The Navini solution delivers on the promise of 802.16e today. Not only is TCO significantly less than for first-generation wireless broadband offerings but its smart antenna technology and plug-and-play capabilities increase service provider efficiency and end-user enjoyment.

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